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Nuclear Incident Response Program

Due to new NNSA regulations, we can no longer allow .EXE files (installers) to be downloaded from the website. ZIP files are now provided for all installers, so after downloading the ZIP file, extract the EXE and run the installer.

The High Explosive Manager (HEM) software tool provides the ability to view and create high explosives.  The primary purpose of HEM is the management of high explosives for use in SHARC. Additionally, HEM includes a tool to calculate the equivalent mass of C-4 and TNT for any explosive.


  • List of pre-defined High Explosives
  • Ability to create new High Explosives
  • Calculation of TNT and C-4 equivalent mass
  • Viewing of High Explosive Properties
    • Density
    • Detonation Velocity
    • Gurney Velocity
    • Champman-Jouguet Pressure
    • Heat of Detonation
Software & Downloads

SAND2018-7112 W