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Nuclear Incident Response Program

The Mixture Manager (MM) software tool provides the ability to view default mixtures of radionuclides, create custom mixtures, import mixtures from other radiological tools, and create mixtures from limited information.  The primary purpose of MM is the management of mixtures for use in other radiological tools such as Turbo FRMAC.

Mixtures in MM are created in a variety of ways, including:

  • The predefined mixtures that come with MM serve as default mixtures that can be used to respond to a radiological emergency when little or no knowledge of the actual mixture is available. These mixtures serve as reasonable substitutes until detailed descriptions of the actual mixture can be determined. The basis for these mixtures is described in Volume 3 of the FRMAC Assessment Manual. This volume is unclassified and freely available by clicking here.
  • Create a mixture consisting of a custom set of radionuclides, each with a user-defined level of activity.
  • Import mixtures either from another version of MM or from another radiological response tool. Sources can include RASCAL mixture files and via the Paste Mixture Utility from spreadsheets.
  • Tools exist to create a mixture from limited information, such as age of material, enrichment level, and other characteristics. Currently this MM tool creates a uranium mixture based on uranium enrichment.

Once a mixture is created, the MM provides a series of functions, listed below, that can be used to manipulate the mixture.  The main use of a mixture once created is to import it into the various other radiological tools used by the emergency response community (e.g., Turbo FRMAC, NARAC, and others) for use in calculating dispersion, dose, evacuation areas, and other decision-supporting information.

Turbo FRMAC Factsheet FRMAC Assessment Manual Volume 3



  • Includes DCFPAK 2015, containing six different vintages of data with published coefficients ranging from years 1983 to 2015.
  • Predefined mixtures for various radiological response scenarios.
  • Ability to create a mixture
    • Custom mixture
    • Import a mixture from other tools (e.g., RASCAL)
    • Create a mixture from a limited amount of information (e.g. enrichment level of uranium)
  • Edit mixture (except default mixtures)
  • Import or export mixtures from or to other MM scenarios.
  • Duplicate a mixture
  • Integrated with Radionuclide Viewer
  • Generate a mixture report
  • Enables data from different times to be directly compared by adjusting results to account for radioactive decay and ingrowth. Weathering effects may be included if desired. Output files are generated containing the adjusted data.
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