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Nuclear Incident Response Program
Software Development

The Emergency Response Software Development Team (ERSDT) at Sandia National Laboratories supports the ability of the nation to respond to chemical, biological, and radiological emergencies. These emergencies can range from the accidental release of a chemical agent at a manufacturing facility to the intentional detonation of an Improvised Nuclear Device (IND).
The ERSDT supports the nation’s ability to respond to these events by developing professional, easy-to-use, fully integrated software that is based on the research performed by Sandia National Laboratories, other Department of Energy (DOE) assets, as well as other Federal Government Agencies.

Released software projects include: 

  • Radionuclide Mixture Manager
  • Radionuclide Viewer 
  • High Explosive Manager 
  • SHARC (Specialized Hazard Assessment Response Capability)
  • Turbo FRMAC
  • Turbo FRMAC Web
  • ACRID (Automated Consequence Report for Insidious Dispersal) 
  • Source Term Calculator
  • Source Term Calculator CB (Chemical/Biological) 
  • ERAD (Explosive Release and Dispersal Model) 
  • AIRRAD (AIRborne RADadiation) 
  • Blast
  • SALI FILE Generator
  • Containment Calculator
  • And others

Contact Information
Dustin Whitener
Phone: (505) 844-7680
Email: dwhiten@sandia.gov