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Nuclear Incident Response Program


Turbo FRMAC 2020
Release Notes

Turbo FRMAC 10.1.2 (2020)

44276 Commitment Period query for Acute/Chronic does not work

In Radionuclide Viewer, the Commitment Period dropdown box to select Acute or Chronic did not update when the user selected a new option. Radionuclide Viewer has now been fixed so that it updates the displayed information when the user changes the Commitment Period selection.

100020 Mixture Adjustment Tool Stops Working if Someone Exits Out of the Window and Then Restarts the Tool

Fixed bug where Mixture Adjustment Tool was not functional after exiting out and restarting it.

100021 Mixture Adjustment Tool Allows Blank Input then Errors Later

Fixed bug where Mixture Adjustment Tool allowed invalid inputs and then later produced an error.

100026 Weird Warning in Mixture Adjustment Tool - Seems to Imply that We are Using Values from a Previously-Stopped Input

Removed incorrect warning when launching Mixture Adjustment Tool more than once.

100042 Mixture Adjustment Tool Can Not Open Output File if Excel is Left Open From a Previous Use of the Tool

Fixed bug where leaving Excel open would prevent the user from using the tool the second time.

Turbo FRMAC 10.1.1 (2020)

44354 Turning truncation ON resets daughter activity to zero

Fixed issue where turning daughter truncation "ON" would reset daughter activity values to zero.

99684 Include ICRPType Clause in Both Queries for External Dose Coefficients

Fixed issue where query of the dose coefficients was returning the wrong values based on the ICRP Type.

44294 TF2020 freezes on Milk DRL Milk Pathway inputs

Fixed issue where typing in a value for "Time to Harvest" followed by return or tab, caused the application to freeze.

37378 Include latest Assessment Manual updates in TF 2020

Updated the Assessment Manual and Symbol Guide to the July 2020 version.

Turbo FRMAC 10.1.0 (2020)

24751 FY19 NIRT Worker Protection

Added new Worker Protection DRL Calculation to match the latest revision of the FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume1.

23301 Implement Updated Milk DRL Method

Updated Milk DRL Calculation to match the latest revision of the FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume1.

24824 Add Feed Transfer Factors

Added new transfer factors for feed

25142 Transfer factors updates

Updated default transfer factors to match the latest version of the FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume 1.

25006 Inadvertent Soil Ingestion Dose

Updated the Soil Ingestion Dose Calculation to be consistent with assumption made in the FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume1.

22726 Add radio buttons to Crop Pathway Panel to designate crop grown above or below ground

Added a radio button for user to indicate whether crop is growing above or below surface that adjusts the Crop Retention Factor accordingly.

23302 Updated Meat DRL Method

Updated Meat DRL Calculation to match the latest revision of the FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume1.

25348 Is the MMD and MMAD conversion in PSD wrong?

Updated the MMAD to MMD conversion calculation.

SAND2020-4560 W

Turbo FRMAC 10.0 Beta (2020)

25342 Integrate DCFPAK 2015

Upgraded the radiological database to the latest DCFPAK 2015 database. Six different vintages of data are included, containing published coefficients ranging from years 1983 to 2015. All applications that utilize the DCFPAK data have been modified to read the new data.

25106 Viewing MMD in Particle Size Distribution

Updated PSD table to clearly indicate that the values shown in the table of particle size distributions are aerodynamic diameters.

25205 Change TF Technical Contact Person

Updated the contact person to be Brian Hunt.

23212 User Defined Value in Crop Transfer Factor Table is Lost When Switching to Results.

Corrected issue where a user-defined value in the table of Crop Transfer Factors could be lost when switching to results.

24655 Meat and Milk DRLs show “Crop Type” in the results view

Corrected display where Meat and Milk DRLs previously showed “Crop Type” in the results view. This column now only appears for the Crop DRLs Calculation.

25018 TF Beta Feature Toggle for Deposition Velocity Feature

New Deposition Velocity features have been coded into Turbo FRMAC, but this is not turned on by default. Users can go to Mixture Manager > Tools > Options > Beta Features to enable the Deposition Velocity feature.

23570 Dose Rate and Time Values did not Save

Corrected bug where Dose Rate and Time values were not reloaded when opened from the database.

23417 Refactor Code to Eliminate Multiple Calculation Runner Calls

Improved speed of uncertainty analysis operations by eliminating calls to code that only needed to be performed once per batch.

23166 Update Results to Include the Crop Transfer Factor Source

The Crop DRL result panel shows the Crop Type used in the results for each Radionuclide.

23553 Do not show PSD column for Solid Food Ingestion Dose Calculation

The Solid Food Ingestion Dose calculations no longer show the Particle Size Distribution column.

23566 Nuclear Fallout DRL calculation appears to be incorrect

Implemented corrections for the Nuclear Fallout DRL Calculation.

23571 Nuclear Fallout DRLs Chart does not stretch to fit the width of the pane

Updated the Nuclear Fallout DRLs Chart to stretch to fit the width of the pane.

24626 No Longer Offer FDA Checkbox for Ingestion Dose Calculations

The ICRP Panel in the following Ingestion Dose calculations were updated so as they do NOT show the FDA Checkbox: Solid Food Ingestion Dose, Liquid Food Ingestion Dose, Soil Ingestion Dose.

24635 Change default units for Alpha and Beta TBLs

Changed the default units to uCi/m2 for Alpha and Beta Turn Back Limits.

22510 Multiple occurrences of Dakota tool

Improved window management of the Dakota uncertainty tool.

18316 Need Ability to select a DIL for an FDA Group of radionuclides

Calculates DILs and Ingestion DRLs for the “Grouped Radionuclides” provided by the FDA. When any of the group's members are added to a mixture, the other group members are automatically added. This feature has been implemented for the Cs- and Pu-/Am- groups only; not implemented for the Ru- group.

22463 Add KI Method to Public Protection

Added new "Administration of Kl DRL" Calculation. Calculates the areal or integrated air activity of radionuclides to support decisions to administer Potassium Iodide in response to releases of iodine radionuclides.

SAND2020-2811 W