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Nuclear Incident Response Program


Turbo FRMAC 2023
Release Notes

Turbo FRMAC 11.2.0 (2023)

(101406) Updated the keyboard shortcuts in Turbo FRMAC.

(100371) Removed code associated with an outdated build and install process.

(100773) Created a new Calculation Report that identifies changed default input values and reports calculated results for the Public Protection DRL calculation. Report wizard includes fields for user to specify reasons for changes to default values.

(21226) Removed the time phase warning from the Nuclear Fallout Stay Time calculation when users cannot adjust time phase information.

(101183) Fixed tooltips that were not appearing when the user hovered over the related GUI panel.

(100328) Removed uneditable age group and organ selection boxes from the Worker dose results ribbon.

(100329) Disabled custom PSD in PAG Emulation Mode for specific radionuclides. Previously, the general PSD settings could not be changed in PAG Emulation Mode but PSDs could be changed for specific radionuclides.

(101361) Fixed a bug where all daughters in a chain share the same properties object, so that a change to one daughter's properties changed all the daughters in the chain. Now daughter's properties can be changed independently.

(25300) Software files (tfx files) are now optionally included with bug submissions.

(99128) Fixed an error that could occur after recycling a saved calculation and then reopening the recycle bin panel.

(101362) Gas's mass median diameter values are now set to zero.

(101556) Removed the export controlled regulations box from the About panel.

(8774) Created an Interactive Dose Parameter Rollup tool that ranks radionuclides based on their contribution to total dose by dose pathway or mixture total dose.

(99127) Added ability to import RASCAL 4.3.3 source term generated in RASCAL Atmospheric Source Term Merge/Export tool.

(100928) Removed code to unzip files in Windows XP as part of solution to issue where Turbo FRMAC closes when trying to export a calculation.

(101442) Replaced deprecated setSimpleUnitGroup() method calls with the updated version.

(101254) Changed the labels in the PAGs panel in the EPA Water DRL from "CEDE" to "Committed Effective Dose" to reflect correct terminology from ICRP 60.

(100254) The user is now prevented from deleting a currently open calculation.

(22401) Made the panel navigation order consistent in Ingestion calculations.

(12017) Made Human Intake Rates panel titles consistent across Ingestion calculations.

(100597) Fixed bug where EPA Water DRL would sometimes initialize with FDA settings (e.g., FDA radionuclides and missing activity concentration column).

(100373) Changed how an imported mixture would change the mixture type in the Administration of KI calculation to Generic. Now imported mixtures remain the calculation default type of Nuclear Power Plant.

(100454) Improved the text in the instructions tab of the RadResponder Excel export file exported from the AAL calculation with minor edits.

(100524) Fixed an error with parsing calculation files where saved particle size distributions could prevent the files from loading. Now the files load correctly.

(100558) Fixed an error that occurs when the user tries to export a selection in a table to Excel without selecting anything beforehand.

(101305) Added ability to import RASCAL 4.3.4 files, including Source Term vs. Time and Total Surface Concentration by Nuclide from the RASCAL STDose module.

(101341) Changed the result buttons of the time varying Public Protection calculations to be more descriptive.

(101064) Fixed an issue where an invalidly low Time to Harvest input in the Meat DRL and Projected Meat and Milk Contamination calculations was not showing up in the error count displayed on the GUI's notification bar.

(100972) Fixed bug in Projected Meat Contamination calculation that occurred when the user had created one Projected Meat Contamination calculation and then immediately tried to create another one. In this case, only the Activity per Area column would be shown in the radionuclide mixture panel. Now all three value columns are shown correctly.

(100776) ICRP 30 was removed as an ICRP option for the EPA Water DRLs and the Administration of KI calculations because ICRP 30 does not provide the needed dose coefficients for these calculations.

(101520) Fixed the problem that the user defined occupancy factors inputs locked after running a calculation by enabling the occupancy factors input after running a calculation.

(101454) Fixed issue that weathering correction factors panel was not validating values in all time phases if the user selected to have different weathering corrections for different time phases.

(101229) Implemented ability to scale mixtures by a value when Integrated Air Concentrations are the known value.

(101271) Added a note to clarify that the mixture import tool will receive values from Excel in the format that the values are displayed in Excel.

(101487) Added the ability to try to import an unknown version of a RASCAL file in a similar way to the latest version of that file handled by the software.

(101440) Fixed an issue where changing weather factor correction value in one time phase would change the value in another time phase. Now changes only affect a single time phase.

(24625) An update was made to the information displayed to the user that clearly indicates when ICRP values will get reset when the user tries to reset all inputs.

(100919) Fixed that daughter radionculides had different decay constants when a meat or milk contamination calculation was loaded from a save file. Decay constants are now recomputed after opening a save file.

(100690) Expanded the size of the navigation button pane to show warning and emulation mode icons with long button text.

(22707) Disabled age groups other than adult when ICRP 30 is selected for ingestion calculations because the ICRP 30 ingestion dose coefficients only applies to adults.

(24750) Added a horizontal scroll option to the radionuclide mixture properties - radionuclides tab to allow users to scroll through more time phases than the calculations default to.

(100594) Fixed Milk and Meat DRLs to correctly show forage crop type instead of the mistakenly added crop type, leafy vegetable.

(100736) Fixed an error reading projected crop contamination save files, which caused calculation to not load. Now project crop contamination files load calculations correctly.

(100741) Fixed an error in projected crop contamination where flat view only showed the first radionuclide concentration instead of the sum of all instances of that radionuclide. Now the sum of the radionuclide's concentration is shown in flat view in the projected crop contamination calculation

(100893) Fixed how daughter radionuclides were always using the half life of the specific radionuclide, even while in equilibrium, in the contamination calculations. Now daughter radionuclides may use the parent's half life in certain conditions.

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