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Nuclear Incident Response Program


Turbo FRMAC 2013
Release Notes


11883: Copyright & Licensing Update for TF 2013

Updated Copyright Year to 2014 and changed the Classification to "Publicly Accessible".

11894: Miscellaneous Mac GUI Issues to Fix

Fixed several GUI rendering issues on a Mac.

11738: Switch order of Worker Protection Calculations Display

Changed the order in which the 3 Worker Protection calculations are displayed on the New Calculation screen.

11542: Updates to Breathing Rates

For Activity-Averaged Breathing Rates, added an Auto-Calculate checkbox to allow the user to set their own Breathing Rates. For 3 Month Old Activity Times and Breathing Rates, switched the Sitting and Light Exercise values. For 10 year Old Breathing Rates, set Sitting to .38 and Heavy Exercise to N/A. For 15 Year Old Breathing Rates, set Sleeping to 0.42.

11129: Add Message about ICRP on the Breathing Rates Panel

Added a label on the Breathing Rates panel that shows the user what ICRP Dosimetry model is selected.

9478: Mixture Units Oddly Sized

The unit combo boxes on the mixture panel are now properly sized, no longer showing the stretched look.


11521: Remove the JWS Shortcut Creation

The shortcut placed on the desktop was updated to take the user to the website to launch Turbo FRMAC Web.

11286: Remove the Time Delay for the Check for Updates

Removed the time delay when checking for updates to the software at startup.  The check now occurs almost immediately when Turbo FRMAC launches.

11528: Bug with Results for Time Varying Radionuclide-Specific

On the Radionuclide-Specific Results panels, fixed bug where a previously selected Radionuclide was still showing despite it being removed from the mixture.

11522: Calculations with Charts Will Not Launch

Java 6 users need to install Java FX 2.2 on their machines to enable all charting functionality. The website has been updated with links to the downloads and instructions.

11285: Odd Values with Dose Rate DRLs for DRL Calculation

The Dose Rate DRL calculation was updated from the 2010 version of the Assessment Manual to the 2012 version of the Assessment Manual.  The new formulation addresses the limitation of the 2010 version of the calculation found in the Assessment Manual in which it did not allow for ingrowth of daughters.



11247: Missing Duration Column for Time Settings

Corrected problem where the Duration column on the Time Settings panels was not visible for many calculations.

11254: Delayed Calculation of X Factor from Dose & Time

The input panel was updated to only show the X Factor inputs whenever the user chooses to enter those values.  Previously, the calculated X Factor value was displayed along with the Dose Rate and Time. However because X Factor resides as a Result of the calculation now, this "doubled view" of the value was removed.


9412: TF Doesn't Allow "zero" for Radionuclide Values

Values of zero are now allowed when entering a radionuclide mixture.

11251: Rename Commitment Periods

The Commitment Periods were renamed from "30 Day" to "Acute" and "50-70 Year" to "Chronic".

9619: Growing Time Box Should Be Empty

The default value for the Growing Time input field is blank by default. The user is required to enter this value before calculations can be performed.

7891: Implement Calculation-centric Interface

The interface was updated so that the user navigates the software by choosing a specific type of calculation they wish to perform for a mixture.

9495: Add Contamination Levels Calculations

Calculate the projected Contamination Levels of a Mature Crop, Meat, or Milk.

11047: Add Softare Update Notifications for a Desktop Version

The installed/desktop versions of Turbo FRMAC automatically checks for software updates and notifies the user if updates are available.  The user will be sent to the website to download the latest version.

11250: Sharing Calculations via Email

Calculations can be easily shared via the Share tab on the Ribbon. Buttons for quickly emailing a calculation are located on the Share tab.

7876: Select Commitment Period to Calculate

The user now chooses between "Chronic" and "Acute" as an input to the calculation rather than a different view of the resulting calculations. This change allowed for significant speed and memory improvements.

9492: Help Text for Turbo FRMAC

On-screen help has been added to most input panels to explain the inputs of a calculation. This helps to alleviate the need for a software user manual.

11257: Add Time Varying Calculations

Performs Time Varying Calculations for 3 Types:

Varying Evaluation Time:
Calculate a curve of the DRL for a fixed time phase at different evaluation times.

Projected Return Time:
Calculate a curve of the DRL at the fixed evaluation time for shifting time phases. Answers questions like: 'When can I go home?' or 'When will the limit not be exceeded?'

Return Thresholds:
Calculate the DRL for the beginning of the time phase for a shifting time phase. Answers questions like: 'Can they go home today?' or 'Will the limit be exceeded now?'

11256: Add Deposition Velocity Calculation

Calculate the Deposition Velocity from deposition and integrated air values.

6927: Make Crop Transfer Factors Editable

Crop Transfer Factors are now editable the user.

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