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Nuclear Incident Response Program


Turbo FRMAC 2015
Release Notes


Turbo FRMAC 2015 (7.004)

18817: Unable to Run Projected Return Time and Return Threshold Calculations

Corrected a bug that was occurring when a Results button was clicked for a calculation that does not support PAG Emulation Mode.

Turbo FRMAC 2015 (7.003)

18474: Deposition Velocity/Air/Ground Calculations Not Correct in Mixture Table

Fixed bug where changes to the Deposition Velocity in the mixture table were not triggering the calculation to update Air or Ground Concentration.

Turbo FRMAC 2015 (7.002)

18368: Bug with PAG Emulation Mode Deposition Velocity

Corrected behavior where incorrect Deposition Velocities were set for Radionuclides added to the mixture after PAG Emulation Mode was turned on.

18377: Clicking on or off PAG Manual emulation mode doesn't trigger TF to recalculate

Prevents user from turning EPA PAG Emulation Mode on or off unless they are viewing an Input screen.

18390: Disable Auto-Calculate and Truncate CheckBoxes in PAG Emulation Mode

When in PAG Emulation Mode, the options to toggle "Truncate Decay Chain" and "Auto Calculate Daughters" are disabled to adhere to correct EPA guidelines.

Turbo FRMAC 2015 (7.001)

18259: Unable to Display Ribbon in Turbo FRMAC

Fixed bug where some devices with high resolution screens running Windows 8 or Windows 10 could not render the ribbon in Turbo FRMAC.

17859: Handle Upper Bounds of Dose Coefficients

Fixed bug in Uniform Particle Size Distributions where the smallest particle size in the distribution is greater than or equal to the largest dose coefficient record we have in the database. Instead of returning the values that correspond to the largest particle size in DCFPAK, it was previously returning the values for the largest particle size for which it has a valid value. Hence a 100-500 micron distribution is being effectively treated as a 30 micron distribution which is a larger DCF than you’d have for a 10-100 micron distribution.

Turbo FRMAC 2015 (7.0)

11140: Clicking Tree View Should Automatically Expand Tree Nodes

When toggling from Flat to Tree View the tree nodes are automatically expanded.

12021: Blank Out Grazing Time for Meat DRL Calculation

Grazing Time for a Meat DRL Calculation is blank by default.

11692: Add Validation Warning to Radionuclide-Specific DRL Results

Similar to Alpha and Beta DRL results for a DRL Calculation, a warning message also appears for the Radionuclide-Specific DRLs results about Second Year values and ground deposited material.

16587: Improve Submission of Feature Request or Bug

Improved the bug/feature submission whereby a screenshot can be sent with the report.

15006: Use Filename for DataObject's Name When Importing from File

When importing a TFX file into Turbo FRMAC, the name of the file is used as the name of the Calculation once it's imported.

12139: Use Shorthand Scientific Notation when Entering Numbers

Typing ** (double asterisks) when entering a numeric value will treat the following numeric value as the exponent.

11820: Problem Launching Symbol Guide

Fixed issue where some users could not launch the Symbol Guide from the Help.

9663: Implement PAG / EPA Emulation Mode (General Overview)

Added feature to enable a "1992 EPA PAG Emulation Mode" whereby the calculation's inputs are configured and locked (uneditable to the user) to the values set forth by the 1992 PAG Manual.

9396: Add WASH-1400 Weathering Model as an Option in the Weathering Factor Panel

Added WASH-1400 coefficients to the list of choices in the Weathering Correction Factors panel.

16151: Configure Dose Pathways for Worker Protection Calculations

Worker Protection Calculations now support custom dose pathway configurations.

11991: Update About Dialog Info

The About dialog includes additional information for supporting Mac and Windows 8.

12053: Use Ctrl + N to create a New Calculation

Added Ctrl + N as a keyboard shortcut to start a new Calculation.

11964: Confusion with "mil" and “mm” Units

To avoid confusion with millimeter (mm), the unit of "mil" has been removed from the list of commonly used Length Units.

11861: Remove Rebuild All Daughters Button

Removed the 'Rebuild All Daughters' button from the Mixture panel.  Why?  This command no longer has any impact on the displayed mixture.

11221: Text Changes to TF for Time Varying Calculations

Updated the explanations of the Time Settings for each of the Time Varying Calculations.

11925: Unlink Time Phase Units from Evaluation Time Units

The Units for Evaluation Time are no longer synced/linked to the Units for Start Time, Duration, and End Time of the Time Phases.

11860: Review Panel for Age Mixture Wizard Needs Toolbar for Expand/Collapse Buttons

Added a toolbar containing 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' commands to the review panel. Removed the Dose Pathways info since it doesn't apply to this wizard.

11948: Show Numeric Value for Respiratory Protection Combo Box

The combo box for choosing the Assigned Protection Factor (APF) now shows the respirator value in the list of choices.  The label was also updated from "Respiratory Protectin Factor" to "Assigned Protection Factor".

12129: Paste Mixture from Excel

(Beta) Added a new Paste utility that allows the user to copy & paste mixture information from Excel. This feature currently has a limited set of capabilities, but more capabilities will be improved upon and added in later versions of the software.

5615: Choose Time Phases for Calculations

Added ability to add and remove Time Phases for each calculation. This resulted in many values to be configured for each Time Phase.  Several input panels were updated to use the same values for all Time Phases or to customize the values for individual Time Phases.

11838: Number of Radionuclides in Mixture is Different in 2014 after Import from Mixture Manager

The daughter truncation setting for an imported mixture from Mixture Manager is retained/preserved when imported into the Turbo FRMAC Calculation. As a result, the daughters and values you see in Mixture Manager are no longer adjusted when imported into Turbo FRMAC.

11876: Turn-Back Limits Release Time Appears Uneditable

Fixed issue where the Release Time appeared to be uneditable although the user could still edit the time value.

11119: Improvements to Table Tools Behavior in the Ribbon

Improved the behavior of the Table Tools in the Ribbon so that the tools become available but are not immediately visible upon clicking inside a table in Turbo FRMAC. This makes navigation to other areas of the software easier.

12095: GUI for Toggling PAG Emulation Mode On/Off

Added a "1992 EPA PAG Emulation Mode" feature to Turbo FRMAC whereby all inputs to a Deposition DRL Calculation are configured for 1992 EPA PAG values.

13286: Defaults in Nuclear Fallout Panels Should be Blank

Some fields in the Nuclear Fallout calculations now default to a blank value instead of providing a numeric value. Users are required to enter a value to proceed.

11847: Remove Field for PAG Issuing Authority

Removed the field for entering a PAG Issuing Authority name.

13545: Make Weathering Correction Time Phase-Specific

Weathering Correction settings can be configured for individual time phases.

11715: Set KI Protection default to unchecked but hide this panel so it can't be modified

Removed the Protection Factors panel from all Public Protection calculations. This input does not currently impact these calculations.

9391: Always Show All Plume Option Columns for Mixture

Mixtures of types Activity by Area and Mass per Area now always show both Deposition, Integrated Air, and Deposition Velocity columns for entering mixture data.

14641: Update Calculations to Support Dose Pathways

The delineation between 2- and 4-Pathways has been removed to provide 4 separate dose pathways that can be independently configured.  The Dose Pathway settings have been removed from the Mixture panel and added to the Time Settings panel.

16164: Update Worker Protection Calculations to Utilize all Dose Pathways

Worker Protection calculations can now be performed to utilize any combination of the 4 Dose Pathway Types.

16173: Copy/Paste to clipboard from table

Corrected bug where an additional blank column was pasted from a table in Turbo FRMAC that could cause an adjacent column of data to be overwritten in a spreadsheet.

16181: Lung Clearance Class Issue

Redesigned the Lung Clearance Class GUI to make it more intuitive.  Also fixed bug where setting a custom Lung Clearance Class was not being saved.

11744: Move Input for Self-Reading Dosimeter in Worker Dose Calculation GUI

Moved the components for inputting Self-Reading Dosimeter into the Inputs section of Worker Dose Calculations.

14947: Quick Dose Rollup Tool

Added a tool that rolls up the dose parameters of a parent radionuclide and its daughters. 

16255: Switching to a previous Dose Parameter doesn't run calculations

Fixed bug where switching calculations didn't always force calculations to be rerun.

10965: Odd Scrolling Behavior for Calculations

Fixed bug where creating a new calculation would sometimes "jump" the user to the Mixture panel instead of staying at the top of the inputs.

16557: Add GUI for Specifying Type of Mixture

Added a menu to choose a type or flavor of mixture.  When combined with multiple chemical forms of radionuclides, the partitioning of the forms are modified.

16639: Digitally Sign Installers

The Turbo FRMAC installers are now digitally signed so that users are no longer prompted to confirm opening the application every time they click the icon to launch.

16634: Ribbon Problems on Windows 8 and Mac Virtual Machines

Corrected problem on newer high-resolution screens (mostly observed on Microsoft Surface Pro tablet devices and Mac virtual machines) where the application's ribbon could not be created. 

8499: Implement Multiple Chemical Forms

As a default approach FRMAC considers all radionuclides to be present in the particulate physical form.  However if incident-specific information indicates that one or more radionuclides may exist in different forms, they should be modeled accordingly.  Inhalation dose coefficients have been developed for a limited set of radionuclides that can be present in one or more forms (e.g., gas, vapor) in addition to the particulate form.  When performing radiological assessments including any of these nuclides, the 100% particulate assumption may not be appropriate. 

Turbo FRMAC can now calculate inhalation doses (and related DRLs) based on radionuclides existing in multiple forms and has been populated with defaults based on NRC methodology to support Nuclear Power Plant release scenarios.  The Assessment Scientist should remain aware of the radionuclides that may exist in multiple physical and/or chemical forms and apply the correct dose coefficients based upon predetermined defaults and/or event-specific knowledge.  Appendix F of the FRMAC Assessment Manual provides a list of those elements which may have multiple dose coefficients for different physical forms. 

17732: New RASCAL Import Default: Turn Truncate Daughters Off

When importing a RASCAL file, the full decay chain of daughters are built into the mixture but their values are set to zero. 

9737: Search/Find Inputs

Added a Search/Find capability to help search for labels, fields, etc. in view.  Note that tables are not currently searchable.

Only shows the Overall Progress GUI components if 2 or more tasks are in progress.

11967: Use Native Mac Menu Bar

Applications run on a Mac will use the native Mac menu bar for menu placement rather than inside the window frame itself.

11163: Annoying backup GUI?

Applications no longer display a dialog whenever a backup has never been performed. The user is notified via the System Tray backup messages.

7008: Auto Attach Screenshot to FogBUGZ Email

When submitting feedback from the application, the user has the option to include a screenshot along with the submission.

12174: Put System Information in Emailed FogBUGZ Info

Information about the user's system is appended to the email submitted by a user submitting a Bug or Feature Request.  This aids the software engineers to troubleshoot problems.

13420: Integrate Screen Captures with Feedback Form

When submitting feedback from the application, the user has the option to include a screenshot along with the submission.

8728: Problem with Email Body When Creating Emails

Fixed issue where creating an email in Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, or Thunderbird was not properly able to create the email.

Radionulide Viewer 2015

17851: Show Coefficients for Different Physical Forms

Dose coefficients can be viewed for radionuclides that exist as different physical forms.

8286: Do Not Remember Settings in Radionuclide Viewer

All settings in the Radionuclide Viewer application are reset to their defaults every time the application is launched.  The units and other settings are no longer retained from the last time the application was used.

Mixture Manager 2015

11843: Search Radionuclides Without Typing the Dash

User can search for radionuclides without needing to enter the dash in the name.

16614: Synchronize the Units from the Paste Mixture Window back to the Calculation

When the user is finished with the Paste Mixture Window, the units selected there are propagated back to the main Mixture panel.

17850: Known Issue: Copy & Paste Doesn't Work on Mac Correctly

The Paste Mixture utility is known to have copy and paste issues with the Mac Clipboard. Copy and Paste may not work on a Mac computer.