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Nuclear Incident Response Program


Turbo FRMAC 2017
Release Notes


Turbo FRMAC (v7.1.2)

20497: Update the Default Fraction of Diet Contaminated Values

Updated defaults for Fraction of Diet Contaminated for I-131, I-133, Np-239, and Te-132, for 1yr and 3mo age groups; other isotopes of these elements use the normal default of .3 for all age groups.

20891: Inconsistent Results Somehow Related to MCFs

Fixed bug where activity values were being cleared or overwritten in Radionuclides with Multiple Chemical Forms.

20902: Errors In Dose Coefficients and Resulting Dose Parameters for Multiple Chemical Forms (MCFs)

Corrected errors relating to Multiple Chemical Forms; fixed bug where a mixture's 'Keep Existing Values' setting was being ignored.

20928: Dose Parameter Results of the Various MCFs are Copies of the Particulate's Results

Fixed bug where properties of Multiple Chemical Forms were being overwritten with the properties of the Composite Radionuclide.

20929: When Switching to a Generic Mixture, Only Particulate Form is Given a Deposition Velocity

Now using a default deposition velocity of 6.4e-3 for I2 form of Iodine, regardless of mixture type.

20953: TF Freezes on Projected Return Time Calculation on Mac

Fixed issue where the Projected Return Time Calculation would freeze when drawing the charts. This problem only existed on a Mac computer.

20886: Composite Radionuclide Values Not Propagated Down to Associated MCFs

Fixed bug where Multiple Chemical Form values were only set when the MCF dialog was shown.

20872: TF over-rides entered ground concentration data

Corrected logic so that in a mixture where Ground and Air values are known, never reset the deposition velocity to its default value.

21003: Crop Yield value in the Milk_DRL calculation gets reset

Fixed bug where a Milk DRL's Crop Yield value was being reset to default.

21038: More Mixture Properties External Exposure Factors is always 0.0

The External Exposure Factor panel has been hidden from view as a temporary solution while the panel is being updated to be time phase-specific in a future release.  In it's previous state, it could present the user with incorrect information if the Evaluation Time was not the same for all time phases.

21043: Nuclear Fallout Freezes on Mac

Fixed issue where the Nuclear Fallout DRLs Calculation would freeze when drawing the charts. This problem only existed on a Mac computer.

20923: Instrument Threshold (Beta Energy Threshold) Changes Not Retained

Fixed bug in DepositionDRL, DRLCurve, LaboratoryDetectionLevels, and WorkerProtection calculations, where changes to the Instrument Threshold value were not being retained.

21013: Update TF Link to FRMAC Assessment Manual

Updated link to the FRMAC Assessment Manual; added FRMAC Documents button in Help->References Ribbon, to view the web page listing links to all available FRMAC references.

20856: TF not consistently populating equilibrium activity for daughters when using the Paste Mixture Utility

Corrected error where daughter values were sometimes being set incorrectly.

20847: Cannot adjust activity time for breathing rates

Corrected error in Breathing Rates panel, where the incorrect timing of the validation check was preventing inputs from being accepted.

20880: Units for the Decay Constant are not shown

Fixed bug where the units selector for a Mixture's Decay Constant or Half-Life was sometimes not visible.

20892: Nuclear Fallout Stay Time Locks Up from Dose Rate and Time Panel

Corrected problem where changing Nuclear Fallout Stay Time inputs sometimes caused TF to freeze.

21011: Missing Units on Mixture Panel When Columns Are Added to the View

Fixed bug where the units selector for a Mixture's Decay Constant or Half-Life was sometimes not visible.

20903: Airborne Particle fraction Units column does not Resize

Corrected column resizing issue in Multiple Chemical Forms dialog.

21068: Check for update hangs on Mac

Fixed an issue that only occurs on Mac computers where checking for software updates could freeze the application.


Turbo FRMAC 2017 (v7.1.1)

20660: Worker Turn Back Limit Time Phases

Prevents additional time phases from being created for a Worker Protection calculation.

20726: Update TF Splash Screen for HiDPi Screens

Improved rendering of the splash screen on HiDPI devices.

20769: Adding a blank Time Phase has wrong default Evaluation Time

Updated the Blank Time Phase to use a default Evaluation Time of 12 hours. Previously the default was 8 hours.

20771: TF2017 doesn't save user-defined Crop Retention Factor

Fixed bug where entering a value of 0.0 for any crop retention factor value was being reset to the default crop retention factor value.

20760: Access denied & Already in Use Messages

Corrected a server session issue where the user's username and password appeared to be invalid, even though it was successfully logged in.

20767: Calculations Not Being Re-Run for Deposition DRL Calculation

Fixed bug where a DRL Calculation was not detecting when some inputs had been changed by the user, thus not re-running calculations when needed.

20775: MixtureValueEntryType and KnownMixtureValues Radio Buttons Can Get Out of Sync

Fixed bug where settings on the Mixture panel could get out of sync with each other if buttons were clicked too quickly.

20774: Mature Crop Contamination GUI Sometimes Missing Columns and Known Mixture Type Panel

Fixed bug where the Ingestion Contamination Calculations may not always show the necessary columns for entering their mixture information.

20669: MCF Error in Milk and Meat DRL Results

Corrected issue where radionuclides with multiple chemical forms needed to be rebuilt after importing from Mixture Manager.

20709: Turbo FRMAC Web Unable to Launch after Backup

Fixed bug where a file needed for launching Turbo FRMAC Web could become corrupt after a Backup operation and prevented Turbo FRMAC from launching unless the file was deleted and allowed to recreate itself.

20787: Threading Exception Thrown on Turnback Limits Calculation with Large Mixtures

Fixed a recursive loop problem when importing a mixture from Mixture Manager into a Turnback Limits calculation.


Turbo FRMAC 2017 (v7.1)

Improve Launch Speed of Turbo FRMAC Web

In previous versions of Turbo FRMAC Web, some of the files that were needed to launch the Web version needed to be downloaded every time from the website. This is no longer the case and now only updates are downloaded when necessary. This means that subsequent launches of Turbo FRMAC Web will start faster because the files it needs to run have been cached on the user's system and are not re-downloaded unless changes have been made.

Web Login Panel

Turbo FRMAC Web can now be launched without visiting the https://nirp.sandia.gov website in a web browser every time. The first time Turbo FRMAC Web is launched, it creates a shortcut on the user's desktop that, when used, prompts the user to login to Turbo FRMAC Web.

Offline Mode for Turbo FRMAC Web

Without an internet connection, the Web version of Turbo FRMAC will continue to run on the user's computer. This is accomplished by caching the last version of Turbo FRMAC Web that was available when the user last ran it with an internet connection. It is still recommended that users install the Desktop version of Turbo FRMAC if planning to be long periods without an internet connection.

17976: General MCF Improvements for the Users

Miscellaneous updates made to the Multiple Chemical Forms interface for a better user experience.

17852: Retain Previously Saved Partitioning when Importing Mixtures

Now offers the user the option to reset or retain previously entered partitioning values upon import of a mixture from an external source.

11201: Do we still inform users that mixture values are zero?

Added validation rule checking parents for zero ground AND zero air concentrations.

17873: Be able to Read/Import a RASCAL 4.3.1 File

Added ability to import RASCAL v4.3.1 mixture files.

16519: Evaluation Time Not Saved in Nuclear Fallout DRL Calculation

Fixed bug where the Evaluation Time is not saved in a Nuclear Fallout DRL Calculation.

11609: Mixture Error

Fixed issue where imported daughter values were not retained.

17861: Advanced Mixture Properties Panel Does Not Indicate MCFs

The Advanced Mixture Properties panel now renders radionuclides in their different physical forms (if applicable).

17853: MPF Partition sum can be pushed slightly over 1.0 or 100%

Fixed rounding where the multiple chemical form partitioning could display slightly over 100%.

18259: Unable to Display Ribbon in Turbo FRMAC

Fixed bug where some devices with high resolution screens running Windows 8 or Windows 10 could not render the ribbon.

18174: Spelling Mistake: “nuclear” is spelled “nuclar”

Fixed spelling mistake on the "New Calculation" panel where "nuclear" was incorrectly spelled "nuclar".

18305: Change All References to 'Multiple Physical/Chemical Forms' to 'Multiple Forms'

Renamed instances of "Multiple Chemical Forms" to "Multiple Forms."

17978: Enable the PSD button for ANY Particulate, even if part of a Composite (MCF) radionuclide.

Any particulate form of a radionuclide now allows its custom Particle Size Distribution to be edited.

18286: Rename and Reorder Panels for the DRL Calculation

Renamed "constant factors" to "Exposure to Dose Factors". Renamed protection factor to "Ki Protection Factor." Reordered alphabetically.

17923: Dose Rollup Tool losing Dose Parameters on Multiple Physical Forms

Fixed error where values of multiple physical form radionuclides where not included in the Dose Rollup Tool.

18155: Show Weighted Deposition Velocity in Mixture Table Prior to Launching MCF Dialog

Fixed issue where the weighted Deposition Velocity value was not displayed after first importing a mixture.

18312: Creating a New Mature Crop DRL Calculation Throws Exception

Fixed issue where creating a new Mature Crop DRL Calculation could cause the application to hang.

18328: Add Windows compatibility info to TF About Info

Updated information about compatibility with Windows in the About Info.

18073: Use Orange Dot in Icon to Indicate a Custom PSD

When a customized Particle Size Distribution is entered for a single Radionuclide, an orange circle/dot is displayed in the button to indicate so.

18146: Percentage Rounding Not Same for Fraction of Material

Fixed issue when rounding the displayed value of Particle Size Distribution percentage values.

17746: Fix Copy Table Values for Multiple Chemical Forms

Improved rendering of Multiple Chemical Form values when copied from a table to an Excel spreadsheet.

18283: Lung Clearance Type Bug for Non-Particulates

Fixed issue with the Reset button resetting non-Particulate forms of Radionuclide Particle Size Distributions.

17874: Cancel the RASCAL Import Gracefully if Problems Encountered

Improved user experience when a RASCAL file that cannot be imported. User is notified of the problem.

18368: Bug with PAG Emulation Mode Deposition Velocity

Corrected behavior where incorrect Deposition Velocities were set for Radionuclides added to the mixture after PAG Emulation Mode was turned on.

18377: Clicking on or off PAG Manual emulation mode doesn't trigger TF to recalculate

Prevents user from turning EPA PAG Emulation Mode on or off unless they are viewing an Input screen.

18393: When Exiting PAG Emulation Mode, Set ICRP 60 to Enable MCFs

Fixed bug where the ICRP value was not being reset back to ICRP60 after turning off the 1992 EPA PAG Emulation Mode.

18390: Disable Auto-Calculate and Truncate CheckBoxes in PAG Emulation Mode

When in PAG Emulation Mode, the options to toggle "Truncate Decay Chain" and "Auto Calculate Daughters" are disabled to adhere to correct EPA guidelines.

18474: Deposition Velocity/Air/Ground Calculations Not Correct in Mixture Table

Fixed bug where changes to the Deposition Velocity in the mixture table were not triggering the calculation to update Air or Ground Concentration.

18618: Advanced Mix Properties has Units in Wrong Column Because of New "Forms" Column

Fixed displaced location of Units on the Advanced Mixture Properties panel that occurred when Multiple Chemical Forms was added to Turbo FRMAC.

18430: Make the max value allowed: [0, 10] for Exposure to Dose Factors

The maximum value allowed for Exposure to Dose Factors is now 10.

18072: Replace Usage of "Default" for Customized Radionuclides

Clarified terminology of Lung Clearance Classes by using "Master" to indicate that the Calculation's master Lung Clearance Class is used unless otherwise modified for the specific Radionuclide. This eliminates the ambiguous use of the word, "Default".

18251: Calculate Remainder of Fractional Material

Added a command that sets the remainder of unassigned fractional material to the selected Particle Size Distribution.

18405: Check that Time Phase has 1 Dose Pathway Checked

Warns the user if a Time Phase does not have at least one Dose Pathway selected. Otherwise the calculated values for that Time Phase will be zero.

18321: Add Ability to View Release Notes from Update Window

Release Notes can be viewed from the notification that alerts users that new updates are available for the software.

18817: Unable to Run Projected Return Time and Return Threshold Calculations

Corrected a bug that was occurring when a Results button was clicked for a calculation that does not support PAG Emulation Mode.

18805: Should remove Dose Coefficients from "More Mixture Properties"

Dose Coefficients of Radionuclides are no longer displayed on the Advanced Mixture Properties panel of a Calculation.

18877: DRL results do not reflect which physical forms are included in the calculation

DRL Results now indicate how the multiple chemical forms are displayed.

18888: In Time Varying Dropdown, Maxwell/Anspaugh should be first.

Maxwell/Anspaugh Method is displayed first in the list of choices for the Resuspension Calculation Method.

8341: Changing Release Date/Time Back in Time Results in Non-Zero Start Times

Changes in the Release Date will maintain the same existing time offsets in the TimePhases.  The Time Phase values will no longer adjust.

18372: Add Label Below Mixture Table Explaining Daughters' Deposition Velocities

When multiple chemical forms exist for a Mixture, a message is displayed explaining how the Deposition Velocity values are determined for the daughter Radionuclides.

16114: Update Default Time Phases to New Values

The default Time Phases for new calculations have been updated to include Early Phase (TD) and Early Phase (AD).

18672: Add Optionally Visible Columns to Mixture Panel

The Mixture Panel can show columns of radionuclide data for the Half-Life, Decay Constant, and Days of Intake (for appropriate calculations).  These columns are optionally turned on by the user under the new "View" menu on the Mixture toolbar.

18596: TF 2015 does not add integrated air concentration when mixture is aged

Fixed problem where a Mixture's Air Concentration values were not automatically updated after the Mixture was aged.

18796: Problem with Paste Mixture Utility

Fixed issue when pasting radioncuclides into the Paste Mixture Utility dealing with Multiple Chemical Forms.

11045: RBE Mixture Values Not Saved

Fixed issue where edited RBE values for the Mixture were not retained.

18843: Ingestion Mixtures for Ingestion Calculations Must be Specified by Ground Concentration

Ingestion Mixtures for Ingestion Calculations now only allow mixture entries for Ground Concentration.

18930: Change Limit on Immature Crop DRL Growing Time to 50 Years

Allows a growing time of 50 years for Immature Crop DRL Calculations.

18931: Subset of Ingestion Calculations SHOULD Include MCFs and Allow Values By Air Concentration

Allows user to enter Air Concentrations and support Multiple Chemical Forms in Soil Ingestion Dose Calculations & the 3 Food Contamination Levels Calculations.

18952: Exception exporting when Time Phase name contains parenthesis

Fixed bug that involved exporting a Calculation to a TFX file that contains parenthesis in the name of a Time Phase.

19009: Why Does Search Not Show Results?

Improved the Search Field for searching Radionuclide names.

17869: Handle Upper Bounds of Dose Coefficients

Fixed bug in Uniform Particle Size Distributions where the smallest particle size in the distribution  is greater than or equal to the largest dose coefficient record we have in the database.  Instead of returning the values that correspond to the largest particle size in DCFPAK, it was previously returning the values for the largest particle size for which it has a valid value.  Hence a 100-500 micron distribution is being effectively treated as a 30 micron distribution which is a larger DCF than you’d have for a 10-100 micron distribution.

17907: Add Reset Options Button to Options Dialog

Users can reset the application's options to defaults that are listed under Tools > Options.

17906: Consolidate Last Viewed Directory Code

The directory that the user last viewed when opening any type of file is remembered for the next use.

17895: Application Name and Version Not Appearing in Bug Report Email

Fixed issue where the application's name and version were not appearing in the bug report email.

18762: Retain Window Location on Dual Monitors

When using dual monitors, the location of the application's window is retained.  Previously, the application window would always reset back to the monitor designated as Desktop #1 no matter if you had moved it before closing.

16171: Use JavaMail to Send FogBUGZ Messages

Feedback and bug reports can now be submitted silently in the background and no longer requires your personal email client (such as Outlook) to send the email.

18833: Automatically Append the Log File to Submit Feedback Message

Log files are automatically attached to bug reports to aid the software developers in troubleshooting bugs.  This can be turned off by unchecking the "Include Error Logs" checkbox.

18914: Show Memory Consumption GUI in Final Versions of Software

Memory consumption components are shown in the bottom right corner of all applications.  Previously, this was only shown in beta versions of the software.

18499: Radionuclide Calculations Time Steps vs. Analytical Solution

Increased the number of time steps from 100 to 400 when using the Anspaugh method to calculate DRLs.  An Analytical Solution was considered, but not implemented at this time.

18673: Rename ICRP Panel

Renamed the "ICRP Settings" panel to "ICRP Guidance."

19217: Changing units on Return Time results doesn't change graph or table values.

Fixed bug where changing units on a Return Time calculation updated the table of values, but not the chart.

19013: Growing Time Value Lost when Switching ICRP

Fixed bug where the Growing Time Value was lost if the user switched the ICRP value.

19325: Units from drop down menu not fully visible

The Ingestion DRL Results panel allows its table to stretch across the width of the panel now.

19329: Cannot modify crop transfer factor for immature crop DRL calculation

Fixed issue where values were not being retained due to the way event handlers interacted.

18879: Update DIL calculations for FIL methodology

Updated calculations to utilize the FIL methodology for calculating FRMAC Intervention Levels (FILs).

20375: Cannot Change to Monodispersed Coefficient Basis

Fixed issue where if you tried changing the value from Lognormal to Monodispersed for the Inhalation Coefficient Basis, it would not let you select the other value.

20396: Warning not needed for a DIL calculation

Prevents an informational message from being displayed to the user that didn't make sense when only entering names of radionuclides and not values.

20478: Correct Advanced Mixture Properties Panel in Intervention Levels

Removed the “Days of Intake” table column from the Advanced Mixture Properties panel.

20516: Windows 10 Compatibility

Improved software compatibility with Windows 10.

19010: Clicking FDA DILs Button froze TF

Added a means of rebuilding the missing default mixtures so that users can correct this problem if it happens to them.

20499: Meat Transfer Factor Oddity

Corrected the default Beef Transfer Factor value for the following Radionuclide families: Al, Ar, At, Bk, C, Es, Fm, Fr, Ge, H, Kr, Lu, Md, Ne, O, Pt, Rn, Ti, Tm, V, Xe, Yb

19256: Exports Data Files to Temp Directory

Fixed Export to default to user docs folder.

19276: New Database Install Does Not Setup Automatic Proxy Settings

Updates to the default proxy.


Mixture Manager 2017 (v2.52 & v2.53)

16670: Resizing the width of the report panels do not sync with each other

Report setup panel widths resizable and in sync.

18329:     Convert Mixture Manager’s Help menu into a Help Ribbon Band

Help commands now exist on a Ribbon tab instead of a button in the upper right corner.

18753: Critical Fix for Ribbon in Mixture Manager

Fixed rendering issues for the Ribbon on HiDPI devices.

18871: Fix Formatting of Age Mixture Error Message

Minor formatting fixes to error messages.

18586: Adding nuclide not obeying Trucate daughter checkbox

Fixed bug where the truncate daughters flag was not honored when certain combinations of adding and importing Radionuclides were used.

18809: Remove more than one radionuclide from mix at a time

Multiple Radionuclides can be deleted from a Mixture at once instead of 1 by 1.

20500: Improve Stability in Mixture Manager

General improvements to the stability and behavior of Mixture Manager.