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Nuclear Incident Response Program


Turbo FRMAC 2018
Release Notes


Turbo FRMAC 8.0.3 (2018)

22388: Unable to Import TF2018 .tfx File

Corrected problem in the XML parsing code where radionuclide mixtures (.RMIX files) and TF Calculations (.TFX files) could not be opened in the applications.

22390: TF2018 resets in-grown daughters to ZERO and turns off truncation after running calculation

Corrected issue where the Build Mixture panel was unaware of the new truncation setting. Now the truncation setting is properly handled.


Turbo FRMAC 8.0.2 (2018)

22376: JavaFX Radionuclide Mixture Pane Not Accessing Concentration Values

Corrected a bug introduced in version 2.202.1 that prevented radionuclide values from being rendered in the newer Java FX tables.


Turbo FRMAC 8.0.1 (2018)

22307: Add command to view the log file

Added command under Tools to view the log file.

22334: Update URL for 2018 Release Notes

Fixed URL for release notes which was previously pointing to the 2017 version release notes.

22312: ImageIO Problem with Some Calculations

Reverted changes made to the ImageResource class which caused some calculations on some users' computers to hang up when reading images from the hard drive.

22319: Cannot launch the FDA DILs mixture

If a problem is encountered attempting to read the FDA DILs mixture form the database, a new mixture is created.

22331: NullPointerException CheckForSoftwareUpdateOnline.checkForUpdate

Quietly logs any problem encountered when checking for updates without notifying the user.

22329: Copy to Excel or Clipboard shows N/A for Radionuclide Names

Corrected issue where the radionuclide names in the exported/copied data rendered as N/A.

22310: Update Max Memory on Mac Installer

Increased the maximum memory allocated to Turbo FRMAC from 0.5GB to 4GB. By doing so, this also corrected a problem some users encountered when rebuilding default mixtures in Mixture Manager.


Turbo FRMAC 8.0 (2018)

21041: Change Default Lung Clearance Type to "Most Likely"

The default Lung Clearance Class for new mixtures is now Most Likely.

22235: Improve Rendering on High-Resolution Displays

Made several improvements to the user interface for better rendering on high-resolution displays.

21025: Rename "Most Likely" to "ICRP Recommended"

Replaced the term "Most Likely" with "ICRP Recommended"

22176: Change default resuspension for worker protection calculations

The new default Resuspension value for Worker Protections was changed to a Constant of 1.0E-5 m^-1.

21954: Change Defults in TF RadionuclideBuildProperties where Truncation Rules = ON by default

A mixture's daughters are truncated by default for new calculations now. Mixtures imported from Mixture Manager will honor the imported truncation setting.

22248: New Return to Grazing Calculations

Added new calculations for Return to Grazing Meat and Milk DRLs. Samples for Mass, Area, and Volume can be entered. New Briefing Products also accompany these new calculations.

7096: Update panel behavior for "User Defined" daily intake rates

Added a reset button that resets the currently selected category of intake rates to their default values. The user is prompted with an explanation and choice to confirm the reset.

21115: Develop DAKOTA Solution in Turbo FRMAC

The DAKOTA Error Analysis Tool is a newly added feature of the Turbo FRMAC software that provides users with the capability of running batches of deposition sample calculations from inputs specified in a structured data input file and sending the results of those calculations to a structured data output file that can then be used as input to other software and processes.

22247: New Projected Public Dose Over Time Calculation

Added a new calculation for Projected Public Dose Over Time along with Briefing Products for this calculation.

20518: Add Water DRL/PAG Calculation

New calculation for Water DRLs have been added to Turbo FRMAC under Ingestion > EPA Water DRLs

21010: Create Public Protection DRLs Input Report

Added new report for the Public Derived Response Levels Calculation.

21260: Deposition velocity not zero for noble gases when use Paste Mixture

Updates the radionuclides when using the Paste Mixture Utility so that noble gases are always given the default deposition velocity of 0, regardless of whether their Chemical Form is set.

21732: Add First Year time phase should have start time of 12 h

When adding new time phases via the toolbar, the correct start time is applied to match the defaults of the calculation.

22168: Cancelling the 'Configure for Each Time Phase' Selection on TF Factors Panels Not Working Properly

Corrected a panel issue where the choice made in the confirmation dialog was not honored when checking the "Configure for Each Time Phase" checkbox on and off.

22137: FDA DILs Freeze Turbo FRMAC in Mature Crop DRL

Fixed application freezing issue with viewing FDA DILs.

22199: Wrong PAG Values for added Time Phases

Corrected issue where adding new Time Phases were not using the same default values as the originally created calculation.

21065: Soil Ingestion Calculation should default to "Activity by Area"

Specified a default Mixture Entry Type for Soil Ingestion Calculations.

21224: Mature Crop Ingestion DRL PAG panel units not shown on Surface Book

On a Microsoft Surface device, the combo box in the PAG panel for the units were not visible. Fixed the panel size to accommodate high-resolution displays.

21225: Resuspension Factor Constant inputs caused "Unrecognized Input" dialogs

Fixed issue where entering a resuspension factor launched "unrecognized input" notifications.

22082: Re-Creating Changing Iodine Deposition Velocities

Corrected issue with assigning deposition velocities to iodine with multiple chemical forms.

22090: checkForComodification Bug for FoodSampleCalculations.calculateRadionuclideIngestionDose

Fixed a threading issue in the Food Sample Calculations that lead to some users getting errors

21642: Incorrect Iodine MCF Deposition Velocity After Change to Lung Clearance Type

Corrected code that was wrongly setting the Composite deposition velocity into the Particulate form of a radionuclide.

21799: Time Varying Calculation locked up while running calculations

Enforces a time phase be selected before calculations can be run on this type of calculation.

21808: Expand and Collapse of Radionuclide Tree Very Slow When a Row is Selected

Eliminated the temporary delay when expanding or collapsing large mixtures.




Mixture Manager 2.202.2 (2017)

22376: JavaFX Radionuclide Mixture Pane Not Accessing Concentration Values

Corrected a bug introduced in version 2.202.1 that prevented radionuclide values from being rendered in the newer Java FX tables.


Mixture Manager 2.202.1 (2017)

22337: Mixture Decay Wizard Bug When Navigating Back to Adjust the Time to Age

Corrected problem in the Age Mixture Wizard where navigating back and forth and adjusting the Time to Age value could produce incorrect aged values.

22262: Older Mixture Manager Versions Shows Empty Folders after Latest Install

Fixed database issue where after installing version 2.200 of Mixture Manager, the default mixtures disappeared from view in older Mixture Manager versions. Users may need to rebuild their default mixtures in older versions of Mixture Manager by clicking Tools > Rebuild Default Mixtures.

22353: Prevent Integrated Air Values from being Aged

When entering mixture values as Integrated Air values, the ability to age the mixture is not allowed. The user is informed if they attempt to age Integrated Air values.


Mixture Manager: 2.200 (2017)

22194: Develop a Mixture Adjustment Tool

A new tool enables data from different times to be directly compared by adjusting results to account for radioactive decay and ingrowth. Weathering effects may be included if desired. Output files are generated containing the adjusted data.

21333: Add Status Indicators for Truncation and Daughter Auto Population

Added status labels at the bottom of the mixture table to quickly indicate the Truncation setting and Equilibrium setting of the mixture.

21783: Always Enable the Remove Radionuclide Button

The delete button on the build mixture panel is always enabled.  If no radionuclides are selected (checked) for removal, a message is displayed to the user indicating so.

21093: The "Clear Recently Used  Mixtures" button does not clear list

Fixed bug where the menu of recently used mixtures was not updated after the database changes were applied.

21989: INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR on Exporting Mixtures

Replaced use of illegal XML characters in the mixture data when attempting to export to a file or email the mixture.


Radiological: 3.25

22193: 20X Speed Improvement for Decay & Ingrowth Calculations

Improvements were made to the radiological code that resulted in 20X speed improvements for the decay and ingrowth calculations.

21723: Modify Truncation Rules and Equilibrium Rules of Daughters

The truncation rules and equilibrium rules for daughters have been modified.

The software will truncate a decay chain after it encounters a progeny radionuclide with a half-life greater than 5,000 years.

Populate progeny radionuclide activity at secular equilibrium activity if:
1. Progeny radionuclide’s half-life < ultimate parent’s half-life AND
2. Progeny radionuclide’s half-life < 1.5 years

See Sandia Report, SAND2017-8519, for more details.

22050: Turning ON truncation zeros aged (grown-in) activity values

If you truncate the mixture's daughters after aging the mixture, the aged values are maintained instead of getting reset.

22011: Update RadionuclideUtilities.getAllUniquePaths( ... ) to not depend on GUI objects

Improved the code that returns all unique decay chain paths. This update resulted in significant speed improvement in decay and ingrowth calculations.

22015: Replace the use of a static variable in the ultimate parent radionuclide code

Improved the code that identifies the ultimate parent of a radionuclide decay chain. This update resulted in significant speed improvement in decay and ingrowth calculations.