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Nuclear Incident Response Program


Turbo FRMAC 2019
Release Notes


Turbo FRMAC 9.0.2 (2019)

25254 Change the PSD column headers and change the values displayed in the table to the MMAD values

Updated column header text for clarity on Compound Particle Size Distribution panel to clearly indicate the values shown are Aerodynamic Diameter values.

25201 Change default PSD values for Turbo FRMAC

Updated default values for new Lognormal and Uniform Particle Size Distributions.

23545 Turning off truncation resets daughter equilibrium activity to zero if entered as integrated air concentration

Made corrections to ensure that daughter deposition velocities match that of the parent radionuclide after truncation is turned off.

23543 Dakota Runs Taking Longer

Refactored code to eliminate unnecessary repeated calculation calls in batch processing.

23559 New Crop DRL calculation retains user defined inputs from previously created calculation

Corrected issue where the values of a previously selected Crop DRL Calculation were retained when a new Calculation was created.

24813 Change PAG Emulation Mode Particulate Deposition Velocity to 1e-3

Updated default Emulation Mode Particulate deposition velocity to 1e-3 m/s.

SAND2020-2810 W

Turbo FRMAC 9.0.1 (2019)

23272 Typo on Import Calculation panel

Corrected a typo on the import calculation panel.

23275 Open via double click on TFX file doesn't work correctly

Corrected problem that allows TFX files to be opened automatically in Turbo FRMAC 2019.

23299 Unable to Open Older TF Versions After Installing TF 2019

Corrected an issue that prevented previous versions of Turbo FRMAC (prior to the 2019 version) from launching, related to reading application settings.

23361 Sluggish performance on the Particle Size Distribution Panel is causing bad results

Corrected a threading issue that sometimes produced incorrect results relating to the Particle Size Distribution settings.

23388 ConcurrentModificationException occurs when clicking calculations when Reset Inputs is in progress

Corrected a threading issue and displays better progress reporting to the user.

23403 Cannot save edited description

Corrected a problem where text area text may not get saved automatically.

SAND2019-4156 W

Turbo FRMAC 9.0 (2019)

20904 Change Display Name of Infant AgeGroupType

Changed the display name from "Infant (3 months old)" to "3 Months Old" for the AgeGroupType.

21715 MAJOR: Mature and Immature Crop Calculation Update

Updated Crop calculations to match the latest revisions to the FRMAC Assessment Manual.

22192 Cannot Manually Enter Inside Occupancy Factor Initially

Corrected user interface issues for entering Occupancy Factors.

22291 Physical forms reset to particulate after mixture is aged

With this fix, the chemical forms and noble gases are no longer removed following ageing.

22298 Cannot view help videos on TF 64-bit installs and on Mac

Help videos are now viewable on 64-bit versions of Turbo FRMAC and on Mac OS.

22374 The Input Report is hardcoded to the 2017 version

Fixed the Input Report to always reflect the version of the software that produced the report. Previously, it was hardcoded to "2017" which was the first version that included the Input Report.

22452 Combine Mature and Immature Crop Together

Combined Immature Crop and Mature Crop into a single calculation because of their close similarities. The single calculation is now named "Crop". Note that previously calculations created in previous versions of Turbo FRMAC will open in the new version, but values may not be identical due to changes in calculations and default values.

22461 Add Worker Alpha and Beta Turn back limits

Added new Worker Protection Calculation for Alpha and Beta Turn Back Limits.

22593 Update Multiple Forms Help

Improved the Help information for working with Multiple Chemical Forms of Radionuclides.

22641 Changing Units on PAG Panel Does Not Change the Displayed Valid Range

Fixed issue where the range of values allowed on the PAG panel did not change when the units were changed.

22710 Add Mature Root Depth to the Crop DRL Calculation

Added Mature Root Depth as an input to the Calculation.

22713 Cannot Edit Crop Retention Factor

Corrected problem where when you try to enter a different value in the Crop Retention Factor, it doesn't get saved.

22781 The Weathering Correction factor is not staying as I set it while performing a time-varying calculation

Corrected so that the weathering correction is persisting user defined values when switching between calculation and inputs.

22785 ICRP 30 Incorrectly Assigns Deposition Velocities to Xenon

Changed the calculation behavior so that a noble gas's deposition velocity is always 0 regardless of whether multiple chemical forms are supported.

22788 Prevent Special Characters to be used in Time Phase Names

When a calculation is saved to a TFX file, it is saved in XML. If special characters were used (examples: ~!@#$%^&), then it would cause problems creating the XML element names. These special characters are no longer allowed to be used in the names of Time Phases.

23069 TF Hangs on Nuclear Fallout Doses Calculation

Corrected for issues where exceptions could be thrown causing the application to hang up.

23082 Add weathering into soil

Added Weathering inputs to the Soil Ingestion Dose Calculation.

23103 Update the RTG Mixture in Mixture Manager

Created a new RTG mixture called "Plutonium RTG Inventory." The 3 RTG mixtures that previously existed have been removed.

23107 ConcurrentModification on DRL Calculation

Corrected issues related to the threading of running calculations concurrently or attempting to run calculations while inputs could still be saving to the data objects.

23109 Change default worker dose limit on worker Turn back calculations

The default dose limit for Worker Turn-back Calculations have been changed to: 500mrem for Whole Body and 1000mrem for Thyroid 

23136 Change Default Result View

All Ingestion Calculations results default to show the "Most Conservative" organ.  Other calculations default to show the "Whole Body" organ.

23172 PAG Emulation Mode Problem with Multiple Chemical Forms

When Emulation Mode was turned off, the multiple chemical forms of radionuclides (MCFs) were not being property reconstructed (MCFs are not supported with ICRP30, so in Emulation Mode, you should never see MCFs - only Particulates, or Gas for Noble gases). Also the mixture name was previously lost, but has been corrected.

23187 Change the range minimum to 1.0 for the APF Protection Factors

When the user selects User Defined for Assigned Protection Factor (APF), the minimum allowed value is now 1.0.

23231 Enable Silent Installs for Turbo FRMAC Installers

Added support for silent and unattended installers. IT administrators can use this option for installing Turbo FRMAC on lab computers without requiring step-by-step install interaction and to configure common setups for all computers. Have your IT department contact us at nirp-fogbugz@sandia.gov for usage instructions.